International ship outfitting company  in the baltic states and europe . Workonik is a Lithuanian capital company, known for its precise and strict management control in the global market.


Professional, highly-qualified and responsible employees are an invaluable asset in a particularly competitive international market. Investing into employees in the maritime sector enables the company to meet the most demanding needs of its clients by taking up woks in the field of yacht and megayacht, cruise ship interior finishing works, also all types of shipbuilding  and finishing. The technical staff of Workonik is known as some of the best in the market in terms of productivity, discipline and reliability.

We are convinced that the basis of excellent results is a responsible and coordinated team work in achieving the set goals.

The company’s clients know Workonik as a Scandinavian management style company, offering high-quality services for quite competitive market prices.

The company’s potential employees know Workonik as a modern, transparent and open company, which can offer excellent career opportunities and is focused on professional improvement of its employees.

Workonik business is based on the mission that could be described as performing complex and qualified construction works in maritime, industrial and civil engineering sectors, which meets the needs of the most demanding clients.